Footbed Dynamic specialise in lower-limb biomechanical testing using the very latest digital technology to  highlight any variances to a normal footstrike pattern, the alignment of the ankle, knee, hip and spine. The analysis also checks for any leg length discrepancies and spinal alignment.


A comprehensive record will be set up of your current & future activity levels, your past medical history relating to your lower-limbs and incorporate your digital images. The test uses a large treadmill to capture the weight-bearing (dynamic) position of the joints during walking & exercise.  The service is available to everyone from acute orthopaedic cases, fitness participants, everyday people to the elite sportsperson (see case studies). An initial consultation will consist of a full gait analysis and diagnosis during an hour-long appointment.  An evaluation of your exact footwear needs will also form part of the consultation.  To make an appointment please contact us.