Service Benefits

By identifying the source of potential & actual lower-limb and back conditions, we can treat the source, not just the symptoms, to eradicate the physical problem.

For Individuals

From a comprehensive gait assessment, the benefits of biomechanically designed foot supports include

  • long term comfort
  • less foot and muscle fatigue
  • increased shock absorbency
  • improved circulation
  • reduced risk of sports injuries
  • faster recovery following injuries
  • protection against join deterioration

For Employers

We offer on-site tailored services for employer groups UK-wide.  This includes screening of key personnel (for example: function specific or long-term absence cases) with advice on finding the appropriate footwear for each job.  Using the assessment results we can match the foot type to the footwear options for safe and comfortable work shoes fit for purpose.

  • Increased physical performance of employees
  • lowered absenteeism from duties
  • treatment and prevention of lower-limb injuries
  • continuity in resource planning and operations
  • enhanced quality of occupational health and HR support
  • understanding of potential workplace problems and action required
  • enhanced reputation with stakeholders by investing in the health and well-being of people who build their business