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Angel Rangel: Swansea City Footballer


“Thanks to Chris, I found the method to fix my Achilles injury after months of suffering pain when playing football & just walking.  After one week I could feel an improvement & now so happy to be playing football again.  I’m very grateful to Chris for everything, I will never forget it.” Angel Rangel, Swansea City Footballer


Angel Rangel of Swansea City has customised insoles at Footbed Dynamics

Angel Rangel of Swansea City has customised insoles at Footbed Dynamics

The Challenge: Chronic injury to Achilles and a bi-lateral hernia condition non-responsive to all other treatments including physiotherapy.

The Solution: A treadmill test identified footstrike inefficiencies were contributing to stress at the injury points of ankle and groin.  By correcting with a customised orthotic insole, the trigger points to the soft tissue were eliminated allowing a return to strength whilst keeping further injuries at bay. Evaluation of Angel’s footwear revealed his astroturf footwear was a contributing factor due to the flatness of the midsole and their lack of stability for his particular foot type.  Recommendation on appropriate footwear for all aspects were made and hold his footbed in place when playing, training and relaxing.

The Benefits: A consistent return to his professional footballing career as Right Full Back with Swansea City FC in the Championship and now the Premier Football League.  This allows Angel to concentrate fully on his footballing performance.

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