Sport Injury Specialists

Since 1992 we have specialised in Gait Analysis and lower limb biomechanics. Using a bespoke multi camera set up capturing feet to neck digital imagery and joint markers, we factor in your training and wellness goals to customise foot support and make footwear recommendations. Call (01792) 651434 to arrange an appointment or to discuss your individual needs.

Keeping you active

common injuriesComfort during everyday activities is extremely important.  Many painful symptoms are down to the way our feet hit the ground and the knock-on effect on joints and soft tissue areas from feet to neck.  Wearing customised foot support and appropriate footwear can successfully alleviate many of these conditions. Click here to see types of injuries

Gaining a competitive edge

Using the results of our foot and lower-limb biomechanical assessment can help you gain an insight into your own physical strengths and weaknesses to create a tailored programme that improves your training and competitive performance. Personalised foot support and impartial footwear advice can really make a difference. See what we offer