What We Offer

Footbed Dynamics offer a complete solution using vast experience and digital technology to identify the source of painful symptoms relating to foot function and lower-limb mis-alignment.  The ultimate use of our services would be to prevent injury and deterioration of the joints and soft tissue from feet to neck with support for everyday activities from an early age.

More commonly, our services are sought when injury breakdown and painful conditions are present and we work to rehabilitate and prevent further deterioration with customised foot support and appropriate footwear to stabilise and improve foot function.

Key Services

  • Biomechancial testing to highlight variances to a normal footstrike pattern
  • Assessment of the alignment of the ankle, knee, hip and spine
  • Leg-length functional analysis to measure its effect on spinal alignment and upper body function
  • Testing based on a multi-positional frame by fame video analysis of a walking and running gait
  • Outline of real and potential injury risks
  • Advice on solutions to reduce injury risk
  • Orthotic therapy for functional use
  • Independent advice on footwear solutions fit for purpose

Who could benefit

  • Individuals (self-referred)
  • Referral groups from health procurers
  • Employers with staff who work on their feet (including corporate, industrial, and the military)
  • Technical sports brands for research & design support
  • R&D studies into health and well-being
  • Footwear developers
  • The media for topical evaluation of industry news and trends
  • Conference organisers looking for keynote presentations on industry direction

We are here to help and encourage you to contact us to discuss your own unique circumstances at an early stage.  We are particularly keen to screen the biomechanical function of children (from age 4 years upwards) to prevent problems developing in later life.