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Avoiding Injuries

The most frustrating thing in all sports is when you have to take time out due to an injury.  So what we would like to give you are some tips on how to avoid injuries.  As with all things in life “preparation” is the key.  We now have access to more information on sports science than we have ever had from sources such as the Internet, professional fitness clubs where you can speak to physios, dieticians, physiologists, etc.  However, partial information will not be sufficient in avoiding injuries.  At Footbed Dynamics we look at every individual’s lifestyle as a jigsaw and putting all the pieces together will allow you to see the full picture.A proper gait analysis and biomechanical assessment is your first step to avoiding injuries.  The reason for this is that your bone structure is heavier than your muscle structure and will therefore determine which parts of muscles, joints and tendons will be under or over worked.

Our Analysis and Diagnosis will produce a comprehensive picture of your existing posture and footstrike patterns.  We also take great care to measure your feet – both length and width – to be able to supply appropriate foot orthotics to balance the bone structure and allow these joints, muscles and tendons to work in a balanced position.

It is also then integral to our service to evaluate all your footwear requirements for all areas of daily life to provide an appropriate frame to enhance the orthotic’s performance.  It would not make sense to put a perfect footbed into an inappropriate shoe.

By using this inclusive approach where the foot, the footwear and the ground reaction forces are taken into account, along with any functional leg length difference, we can markedly reduce your injury risk.  With the benefit of having built solid foundations your training, diet and technique work can then bring you the desired results.


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